Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy and Statement (“Policy”) created for this site (“Site”). We clearly realize the importance of the privacy of every User (“User”) and are committed to protecting it within the scope of our technical and legal capabilities. The Policy has been created to describe and to regulate how the User of the Site may apply for membership of the Site, how the User may be granted membership, how this membership can be cancelled, and what the User can and cannot do while visiting the Site and also during his membership. The Policy is an active and actual document disclosing and describing what data concerning the User’s persona is collected, how it is collected, and the ways in which it is utilized.

By voluntarily applying for the User's membership of the Site as well as by browsing and using the Site and any of the services it may offer, the User, at his own will, agrees with this Policy. The User’s agreement means that the User is about to be bound by the terms of this very Policy. By using this Site, the User accepts fully that the Site collects and then stores some information regarding the User’s persona, which is legally considered personal. The Site may make use of this information as the Site considers necessary for it to work and to render the services it offers. The Site may distribute all the private information gathered while the Site was being used by the User, during the User’s visits, and communication with the Site via every available means of communication.  

Personal information and data

Every time the Site is being utilized and is being visited, the Site collects and aggregates some specific private data, also known as personal information, about a visitor. This may consist of any technical information regarding the User's current Internet session; the User's devices’ Internet Protocol (sometimes abbreviated to IP) addresses; the browsers being used; the exact number of the web pages that were opened on the Site; the mobile or other types of devices that were used to access and to watch the content of the Site. These, accepted by the User actions, the Site considers necessary to make quality improvements to the services rendered possible.

The registration on the Site is automatic, as soon as the User has registered himself he immediately begins the sharing of information concerning his persona that he revealed while registering. This information immediately becomes available to the Site and is considered as shared information, and includes everything that the User has typed or has submitted while registering himself. The User’s successful, i.e. finished registration, is regarded as and must be understood as the User’s agreement with the Policy, which allows the Site to collect, aggregate, make use of, keep, dispose of the personal information provided. This is considered very necessary for the Site to work and to turn the technical side of the services the Site renders for the better. The Site also has its partners (third party companies, web sites or services) with which the User may in some way be connected via the Site.

The female individuals participating in the activities on the Site can see any available content that was generated by the User on the Site. While looking through the profile the User created, other participants may observe the information that relates to the account of the User (these are the username, the user ID, the pictures assigned to the User’s directory and shown in his personal page or profile, the User’s date of birth, and other personal facts the User has uncovered while registering or has added to the profile later on. The emails of users are kept invisible to others, including the Site’s members.

To upload photos and videos as well, the User has to use corresponding methods available on the Site and then wait for them to be moderated by the Site. If the User has taken a decision to delete his profile, then all the uploads shall be deleted. The User’s information shall be stored for the time limited by the User’s subscription, though the Site is legally free to keep on storing it for one more year after the subscription has been cancelled.

The Site has no access to the billing details including credit card numbers and the User’s billing addresses. These figures are solely and exclusively processed by those secure payment systems that will be used to pay. Credit card details shall only be handled securely so that confidentiality is completely ensured. To ensure proper and guaranteed protection, SSL encryption is to be provided.

What exactly the User allows collecting

As soon as the User has passed the registration procedure on the Site, he grants his permission to the Site to aggregate and to make use of the information regarding his persona also known as personal information. This includes all the text that was typed by the User into the electronic forms available on the Site, or by communicating with the Site’s personnel via all the available means of communication, including chats, any kind of telephone conversations, as well as emails, etc. The Site may share the data collected with the partners of the Site, which are different third party companies, websites, or web services that render services similar to those the Site does. The information is also allowed by the User to be utilized by the Site for carrying on a miscellany of promotions, contests, and other things like these.

The User’s devices

By reading this Policy or registering on the Site or use of it, the User is considered to be informed about the fact that the Site collects and aggregates information related to the User’s computer and the User’s electronic devices that are utilized by the User to connect to the Site. This includes:

  • Internet Protocol address (might be abbreviated to IP address);
  • Operating system (often abbreviated to OS) installed on the User’s electronic machine, computer, device, or whatever else;
  • the web browsers that are in use.

This information is aggregated for statistical purposes and shall not be linked to any personal details being kept. To provide the best available experience for the User and to render for the User the best services, the Site has got to collect the User’s cookies, as this enables the Site to correct the working performance of the Site. This information is also a necessary condition that allows the Site to adapt the services rendered to the specific needs of the User and to allow the Site’s interface to reflect the User’s preferences.

Cookies make the utilization of the Site convenient and enable such functions as automatic login. If the User does not want the cookies to be set on the User’s computer, then the User is free to disable this possibility in the User’s web browser. The Site does not guarantee the proper work of its services with disabled cookies. For instance, the Site will lose the ability to inform the User about ongoing events, news, promotions that are about to take place. Giving notifications also becomes unavailable with the User’s cookies functionality turned off. The Site may not and will not be responsible for the third parties’ utilization of the User’s cookies.

When the Policy can be changed

The Site is free to update the actual Policy when it is considered necessary by the Site. The Policy should correspond to changing conditions in the world and on the Site as well. All these updates and changes are to be disclosed on the Site after which they become effective.

Third parties and the User’s personal information

The Site cooperates with third parties. This sort of activity is regulated by the actual Policy. The User’s information that is considered personal may be shared with those third parties by the Site. However, the Site shall not disclose the User’s identity. The shared information is used by the third parties to make commercial offers as well as to promote goods. The Site is in no way responsible for how the third parties make use of this information because everything concerning their activities is regulated by the policies of the third parties involved.