Privacy Policy

The subject of this policy (the “Policy”) is to regulate the terms and conditions of membership of this site (the “Site”). The Policy also discloses the way of disposing of users’ personal information, how it is used and is submitted when users utilize the services of the Site. By voluntarily applying for membership and consequently becoming a member, you realize and confirm that you completely agree with the subject of the policy and each of its terms and conditions. You also agree to accept the fact that you give us your personal information, which is then gathered, stored, and used by the Site. We reserve and hold the right to distribute any private information that was obtained by us while you were using the Site and with which you voluntarily provided us. 

  1. Your personal information and data

When you visit and use our dating site, we gather some of your personal (also private) information that we get from you. This data only includes the information concerning your current Internet session, your devices’ Internet Protocol addresses (also widely known as IP addresses); the browser you use; the number of web pages of the Site that were opened within your visiting; the technical details of Internet connection that is being used by you to access the Site at the moment. These actions are necessary to make improvements to the services provided by us possible. 

The process of your registration on the Site automatically and immediately triggers the sharing of belonging to your personal information with us and all the data you typed in or filled in by other input methods is collected in order to be used by us. By registering, you allow collecting, disposing of, as well as storing this information so that we could efficiently provide you with the services comparable to those that are currently in use; and so that we could recommend and connect you with our selected partners.

The female participants can see any content that you generate while looking through your profile, or any info related to the account you own (these are your username, user ID, pictures assigned to your profile (the “Profile”), your date of birth, and other information you have already revealed about yourself. The email of yours is never visible to any other members.

Photo, as well as video materials that you have uploaded via attachment, are to be checked and moderated by the staff of the Site and only then appear it in the Profile. Notice, that If you have taken a decision to delete the Profile, then all attachments shall automatically be deleted.

The site cannot and does not see and save any types of billing details such as your credit card numbers, any of your billing addresses, et cetera. This information is only and exclusively processed and saved by the secure payment systems that are going to be used and, if needed, we can only refer to these pieces of information. Credit card details shall be handled securely in order to completely ensure confidentiality. We absolutely guarantee that SSL encryption shall always be employed to ensure the proper protection of sensitive data.

  1. What you allow collecting

As soon as you have registered on our site (by your own will), you grant permission to us to gather your personal (private) data. The data includes what you typed into the input fields or forms of the Site, or via other input methods existing there, and also all the information that was obtained by us via various communication channels. These are support chats; any sort of telephone consultations that the website’s staff gave via the phone; email letters you used to send us. The information we got after you have completed registering yourself on the Site is collected as well. The data may also be shared with partners of ours and all third parties providing services similar to those we do. The information provided is additionally allowed to be utilized by us for organizing a miscellany of events: promotions, contests, et cetera.

  1. The information about users’ electronic devices

We inform you that the Site may collect some specific information related to the computer and other electronic devices you use while utilizing the Site and its services. This includes your Internet Protocol addresses (also widely known as IP addresses), OS (operating system) that is installed on your computer or another electronic device, and the browser as well. This information is then used only for statistical purposes and is not linked to any personal data received. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for the members and to render the best services, this cannot be achieved without collecting your cookies, as long as they give us necessary statistics to correct the work and performance of our website, and some details necessary to serve you in accordance with your personal needs and preferences.

Cookies let us understand how you utilize the Site and the preferences you have. They also let us be informed of the number of our active subscribers. Cookies let you utilize automatic logon functionality. If you mind setting cookies, you are free to disable them in the corresponding settings of a web browser. Disabling cookies is not recommended since it leads to the deactivation of some major functionality of the Site, which, in turn, inevitably worsens your experience and creates significant inconvenience. For example, informing you about current events, innovations created by the Site, or promotions that are currently taking place, or giving any other important notices to you become technically impossible with all cookies turned off. If cookies are presently enabled, they will be used by the Site automatically. The Site is not responsible for how third parties as well as advertisers (advertising vendors) use cookies.

  1. Changes in the Policy

We are free to update the Policy if it is necessary so that the Policy always corresponds to changes in the world and/or in our activities or in our services.  All these changes will be published on our website.

  1. Distribution of personal information

We are allowed by you to use any type of personal information you shared with us. Your phone numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, can be used by us too. All the data is exclusively used for some statistical purposes, advertisement, and also marketing events. From time to time, we can also conduct market researches, analytic actions, or promotions.

  1. Third parties and how and when they use the personal data related to you

Our cooperation with third parties is always possible. This cooperation is regulated by the Policy. We may, sometimes, share personal information and data with these third parties. However, we shall not disclose the identity of a member. The information that helps them get an understanding of our members’ needs, which they use to make better offers and promote more relevant goods or services, is the only information that is going to be shared with them. 

  1. Storing personal information

Everything that is entered on the Site and that is gathered from cookies is then stored on the Site’s servers. The maximum security is provided but not guaranteed. Malicious attacks often happen so there is always little chance of leaking the personal data. By registering on the Site, you accept the risk of such malicious attacks. You promise not to disclose your passwords and login to other parties. Your information is only stored for the amount of time limited by your subscription, yet we are legally free to store your data for one year.

  1. Policies of the third parties

We cooperate with third parties as well as advertising vendors. The partners of ours may have access to your personal information. We are in no way responsible for the third parties’ actions. In order to become familiar with their activities, you may read the privacy policies of these very third parties.