Terms and Conditions

This internet website (“Site”) is intended for adults wishing to date other adults. The Site is maintained and operated by the domain’s owner.

These Terms and Conditions (“TAC”) are for any user (“User”) visiting the Site and using it in any possible way. The TAC are absolutely legal and are made between the Site and the User at his own will. The TAC apply to every kind of service that is rendered on the Site. The User’s accessing and utilizing the Site shall unambiguously be understood as the User’s being aware of what is written in this very TAC and that the User accepts the TAC in full. The User’s voluntary registration on the Site shall be interpreted as the User’s will to agree with the TAC completely, and as the User’s will to accept each term and condition the TAC suggest. The User, upon his successful registration on the Site, agrees to obey the TAC until the cancellation of the User’s participation on the Site as a member. The User’s disagreement with the TAC or any single piece of the TAC shall immediately be the reason for the User’s not proceeding with the registration on the Site. Please notice that the Site is free to change, update, or in every possible way modify the TAC at any time and as the Site wishes. The Site’s structure, graphic and text content, visual and technical design, and everything available on the Site may also be changed in every possible way, including but not limiting to deleting, creating, and modifying any content that can only be on the Site. The Site decides when to change the existing fees or payments being asked for using the services rendered by the Site and on the Site. The changes of fees and payments as well may be made unilaterally, without the User’s consent. The user’s using of the Site after the changes have been put into effect is up to the User and shall unambiguously be considered as evidence of the User’s acceptance of the changes made. The User may be informed about these fee or payment changes via e-mail, which will be sent to the addresses that the User provided during his registration on the Site. The TAC is governed by all of the actual laws and regulations that are active in the United Kingdom and without any regard to the principles of conflicts of law.


The Site wishes to protect children hence the Site does its best to restrict and prevent children’s access to the Site and all the services the Site renders. Minors are not and will never be eligible for registering and participating in the activities taking place on the Site. By his registering, the User confirms that he is not a teenager using his mom’s credit card, and that the User currently is 18 years old or older. By using the Site and all the services rendered on the Site, the User represents, confirms, warrants that the User has the authority, the right as well as the necessary capacity to agree to and to be subsequently bound by the TAC. The discounts the User was given for his using the services rendered by the Site are solely for the User’s own personal use, and in no way can the User let others use these discounts. These discounts exclusively belong to the User and to nobody else. The User shall never transfer the User’s account or allow unauthorized individuals to make use of it.

Registration and Subscription

The Site may be used in its full functionality after registration on the Site. The registration of the User is free of charge, but if the User wishes to try using the extra services that provide extra functions such as some specific types of communication with other participants of the Site, the User should agree to become a subscriber and to pay in full all the actual fees, which are asked by the Site for the extra paid services chosen by the User. The prices should be listed on the Site, and the current TAC grant the Site the right to decrease or increase these prices at any time when needed.

The User’s voluntary registering on the Site means that the User confirms and gives his consent to provide the Site with accurate and actual information about himself in full, as it is asked by the registration forms of the Site. The User further agrees that everything the User enters into these forms, also known as registration data (“RD”) must constantly be kept actual, up to date, and corrected and updated when something changes. The User also agrees and clearly realizes that The Site shall consider the RD as fully accurate, actual and complete as well. The User shall accept that if the RD is found to be inaccurate, to not be actual, to be incomplete, then the Site may and can terminate any of the User’s activities on the Site, terminate the User’s use of the Site, as well as denounce the current TAC and, if such an event has happened, the User cannot and shall not claim a refund for fees the User has already paid for subscriptions and which haven’t been utilized by the User by the time of the termination.

Term and Termination

Please notice, that The TAC shall stay in its full force for as long as the User uses the Site. Every User can, at any time, and at his will cancel his account. To cancel the account the User can follow the instructions given on the related pages of the Site. The User can also send a paper or electronic notice stating the User’s wish to cancel his account. The account is to be terminated soon after the receipt of the User’s notice of cancellation. The Site together with the User may terminate the User’s account when the User’s profile is deleted. This termination may happen at any time, and for whatever reason, without being explained, and only become effective on sending a paper or electronic notification to the other party. When the Site without reason is initiating such termination, the Site is giving a refund and is paying back the money that the User previously paid but has not yet spent on the User’s subscriptions.

If the User terminates the User’s subscription or the User’s account, the Site takes this sort of action as a violation of the TAC and thus the Site has the right to reject all the User’s claims for giving the User a refund of any money paid by the User and received by the Site. The Site may also forbid the User’s using the Site for an unspecified time. After the termination, this TAC are staying in its full legal effect.

Proprietary Rights

The User confirms and assures the Site that all the information published in the User’s directory or profile, including all the photographs, is only posted by the User and that the User exclusively possesses the rights and is the sole author of the User’s profile with all the photographs the User uploaded to there. The User assigns to the Site the whole copyright in the User’s profile and the User’s photographs uploaded in connection with the User’s utilization of the Site. The User shall be identified as the sole author of the User’s profile and the sole owner of the User’s photographs and the sole owner of any comparable rights that might be found in any jurisdiction of the World. The User is also allowed to post information that is copyrighted regardless of being identified by the Site as copyrighted material or not. Only that information that is in the public domain or when the User got permission, which is clearly written on paper or in an electronic document, can be copied. The information for which the User has not got this type of permission may not be copied, or be modified, or be published, or be transmitted, or be redistributed, or be displayed, or be sold, et cetera by the User. By posting any text or graphic or any other sort of information, including any photographs, on the Site, the User immediately and automatically grants (thus warranting the Site that the User has got the rights for doing so) to the Site non-exclusive as well as royalty-free license that allows all sorts of copying, performing, displaying, publishing, and distributing of such information, including any content like photographs. The Site can modify this information in any desirable ways without the User’s consent.

Use of The Site

The User agrees that:

(1) The User shall use the Site according to what is allowed by all the applicable laws. Any URLs, telephone numbers, names, addresses, including electronic, shall not appear and shall not be disclosed in the User’s profile except that the User has been asked to do so. This disclosure may only take place in the corresponding section of the Site that is dedicated to publishing personal info. The User shall not advertise any goods or stuff; the User shall not make solicitations thus bothering others on the Site. The User shall not send multiple emails that contain advertising or any sort of irrelevant to the Site’s activities content i.e. the User shall not spam other users. The User is the sole person who is completely responsible for the User’s interactions and experience with others participating in the activities that exist on the Site. The Site reserves the right to monitor and moderate all the tensions arising among the users, although the Site is in no way obliged to do it.

(2) The User is solely responsible for all content published by him on the Site, or sent by him to other users. The User is prohibited from making any defamatory, abusive, obscene, and especially sexually charged materials. The User is not allowed to threaten and/or harass another user of the Site. Any illegal material, or the material violating another's rights or privacy as well as intellectual property rights, is strictly prohibited. The User shall not include in his profile any sort of sexual material. The User shall not use sexually charged language or the language that might offend somebody on the Site. The User cannot post or upload nudity, or personal information other than his own. The Site may but is not bound to reject the User’s profile or any sort of material that does not comply with the actual restrictions as well as prohibitions that are mentioned in this section. Should this rejection happen, the User is then losing any rights to claim any refunds of money that has not yet been expended by the time of this event.

(3) Every Email sent by the Site or through the Site is meant to make the User’s experience better. By becoming the User, the User completely agrees to get these emails regardless of their quantity or messages they contain.

(4) The Site is in no way responsible for the accidental deletion as well as any possible failures to store the User’s electronic messages or other User’s content that is kept by the Site. The User realizes that the functionality of the Site may be changed. The User acknowledges the Site’s right to sign out, terminate, as well as delete the User’s directory and profile provided that they are not active anymore. If the User is not utilizing the User’s account for twelve months, then the User’s account is considered inactive and may be deleted by the Site.

(5) The User shall not speak in an abusive as well as sexually charged manner with whoever connected to the Site, the User shall never threaten as well as harass anybody on the Site. Should such events occur, The Site may terminate the User’s account and, as a result, the User is losing his rights to claim all refunds.

The Site may terminate The User’s account when the Site is misused by the User. If the User behaves badly, and/or unlawfully, then the User’s account may immediately be canceled by the Site. What is considered misuse:

(1) The User is impersonating anybody else.

(2) The User is harassing another individual on the Site.

(3) The User is making statements on behalf of the Site but without having any grounds to do so.

(4) The User is stealing the Site’s content.

(5) The User’s using copyrighted materials without the owner’s permission.

(6) The User is interfering with the proper work of the Site.

(7) The User is spreading computer viruses via the Site or on the Site having any interest or not; having any purposes or without them, including those that are to break the Site and make the Site’s proper work impossible.

(8) The User is copying the Site and its content without the Site’s corresponding permission to do so.

(9) The User is modifying; subletting; translating; selling; making reverse engineering; in any imaginable way converting; decompiling or, in other words, disassembling the Site’s software, scripts, HTML code, that are in use on the Site.

Indemnity by The User

The User shall indemnify the Site and/or third parties for any arising out from the User’s use of the Site losses as well as expenses, including:

(1) The User’s breach of the TAC;

(2) The User’s violation of the copyright of any third parties that took place while the User was using the Site.

Online Content:

Any opinions, given pieces of advice, expressions or statements, suggestions or offers, any sort of electronic content that is made available through the Site, but not necessarily directly by the Site, are in the hands of their authors and belong to them. Nobody is forced to rely on anything of the above mentioned. Every such author is solely responsible for everything this author creates. The Site may not guarantee the accuracy or the quality of the information available on the site that has been published on the Site by others, the Site neither adopts nor endorses the content created and made available on the Site by others and is in no way has responsibility for this sort of creative works. The Site is in no way can be responsible for damages or any kind of drama resulting from anybody's reliance on any content or trust to any content that has ever been posted on the Site or via the Site.

Intellectual Property

All possible in the future as well as currently existing intellectual property rights, including design rights and trademarks, on the Site belong to the Site. All other logos, company names, and trademarks, etc. are property that belongs to their respective owners.