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  • Sergej +5
    Sergej, Germany
    Age: 124
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    Galina, Belarus
    Age: 37
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    Nick, Australia
    Age: 41
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    Alexandra, Ukraine
    Age: 31
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    Ekaterina, Latvia
    Age: 40
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    Daria, Ukraine
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    David, Canada
    Age: 53
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    Victoria, Ukraine
    Age: 21
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    Olga, Ukraine
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    Dariia, United States
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  • 14.09.2020

    Eva and Jordan

    My wife and I met due to this service, and thanks very much for your help! We enjoy every minute of our time together, and our interests coincide perfectly. I found her just wonderful from the very beginning. We have been together for more than six months, so we plan to get married in winter.
  • 02.03.2020

    Zlata and Caleb

    I was single for a long time and couldn’t find my lady. Therefore, I was very worried and eventually decided to contact your service! I chose the most beautiful woman among others. When we met, I realized that this was love at first sight. As a result, we have two children and are very happy.
  • 29.11.2019

    Anastasia and Brad

    I couldn’t even think that my soulmate was waiting for me in Russia! With your help, we found great love, we found each other. We chatted for some time and finally met. Anastasia is the best woman I’ve ever seen, so now I’m going to propose her and hope she’ll say yes. Thank you!
  • 07.08.2019

    Milana and Robert

    This service helped me find my bride, the love of all my life. We sent each other a lot of letters, pictures, made video calls, and then began to live together. Our wedding is coming in October. I recommend the service and hope that you can make thousands of other couples happy as well.
  • 22.04.2019

    Veronika and Jonathan

    Veronika and I found each other on this website and decided that we could be the perfect couple. We have been dating for over a year and love each other. I come to see her for almost all holidays in Ukraine; she comes to my place as well. I count my blessings that she became my reality.
  • 19.08.2018

    Natalia and Kevin

    After endless searching for my soulmate, I decided to refer to this service. When sharing numerous letters with Natalia, it became clear that we wanted to meet! I arrived in her country three months later. Only then I realized that I had already lost my heart at that moment. Thank you!
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