Dating Russian Women: the Happy World of Beauty and Sense

Are you tired of leading a bachelor existence, full of sadness and boredom? There is a perfect and quick solution to your solitude. A solution that will fill your life with the happiness of family life and will illuminate your home by the bright lights of its vital energy. A solution that has already worked for a vast number of single men who chanced to try it and now live a steady and measured life of a married man, who always hurries to return to his home after a long and hard working day because he is curious to discover what new dish is cooked for a lunch today.

The Wisdom and Skills That Make Russian Women the Best Brides of All Time

The Wisdom and Skills That Make Russian Women the Best Brides of All Time

Russian women have already made countless western male singles happy, and the number is big enough to assert that they are now a confirmed solution to the puzzle of marriage for the bachelors unable to find a match on a domestic market. Moreover, they are probably the most convenient, practical, and shortest way to get married nowadays. Indeed, Russian brides possess all the qualities of the perfect life partner. Their astonishing beauty, robust health, prudence, intelligence, the skills of cookery, readiness to love and to give — these character features combine to form the wonderful image of the perfect lover and wife. Fyodor Dostoevsky, a known Russian writer, once said that a Russian woman gives away everything when she loves: her fate, time, her present and future — all, including her beauty, will be donated to her beloved person because she cannot be frugal with love. Below are three most important virtues they have.

  1. Your Personal Psychoanalyst

    Imagine a woman able to listen carefully and with patience. A woman who can understand you and what is on your mind, what is bothering you at the moment, and even what will bother you tomorrow, because she is very smart, understanding, and experienced. A woman with whom a man may share his thoughts no matter how hilarious they can sound for his friends. She will listen to you talking, until you finish, then tell you the words of wisdom, words of comforts, words of cheer — whatever words there might be needed — she is sure to tell them all. Yes, a Russian lady likes to listen, because Russians, in general, like to complain, and every Russian girl by the time of her majority gets a degree in psychoanalysis. Having talked to her, any man becomes lucid, free from confusion and illness.
  2. Practical Wisdom

    Even if a Russian bride is not well educated, you can still expect her to be very wise in terms of everyday life. She will always offer simple and effective answers to any arising day-to-day problems. If you want to resolve a difficulty — just enquire her about her opinion and you will be amazed at these simple pieces of advice that come out of her pretty head and that make even the most involved problem look plain and petty. In Russia, women simply have to be proactive, experienced and smart, since it is a matter of surviving there.
  3. The Skills of Cookery

    They are impressive, no less. In Russia, most women cannot afford to eat at rare fast-food restaurants or any other places like that. Not to mention that food is expensive in general since the country is considered poor according to western living standards. Well, it is the very reason that forces them to be inventive and creative when it comes to cooking. Russians can prepare porridge even from the bark of the birch tree or soup from the nettle, and the assortment of delicious national dishes that are made from cheap ingredients such as cabbage, potato, or banal carrot is grand, so you will spend the rest of your life tasting them all.

These are three main reasons why a Russian bride will always stay the best option for marriage.